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The origins of tea

By akiraizutsu, Posted on 08/03/2019

Tea first appears in Chinese history in the story of Shennong, the father of agriculture and traditional medicine. It is said that he ate wild grasses and tea and from this the discovery of tea is said to be 2700 BC. A medical book called “The Classic of Herbal Medicine” (Shennong Bencaojing) from the time […]


Ramen Zundo tsukemen and tonkotsu niboshi ramen and the best spots in World Square

By akiraizutsu, Posted on 15/11/2016

One of the most popular classes is coming again! Learn how to make Ramen with Chef Kanako. View more Konnichi wa! I thought I would write about the 12 days of the Tsukemen #LOVETSUKEMEN Advent Calendar 2013 [http://www.adventar.org/calendars/107] There are actually quite a lot of ramen stores in Sydney It seems to be that the […]