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Tea Ceremony

By janelawsonfood, Posted on 20/04/2016

Have you ever experienced a Japanese tea ceremony? The performance of Chanoya, Chado or Sado, or the way of tea,  is considered an important cultural artform in Japan. There’s no dunking your cookie in your cuppa here! There are teahouses specialising in tea ceremony, in various forms all over Japan. The most formal can last […]


Chisou Inaseya

By janelawsonfood, Posted on 08/04/2016

    Hello Washoku Lovers! I’m honoured to be writing my very first post for this site. I’m in Japan for several months each year (mostly in Kyoto) hosting my Japanese Cuisine and Culture Tours and am always finding new and wonderful places to eat, drink and discover and learn about Washoku.  I’m happy to […]