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Gunma Prefecture

By kaylamedica, Posted on 19/03/2018

Located in the Kanto region, Gunma Prefecture is one of Japan’s few landlocked prefectures. Gunma Prefecture has some unique things for tourists to see, like the melody road – if you drive over the bumps on this road at 50km per hour, the tacticle vibrations through the wheels of the car will play the tune…


Kochi Prefecture

By kaylamedica, Posted on 04/03/2018

Kochi Prefecture is well known for having a lot of mountains, and a lot of rivers. Bordering Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku Island, it’s home to one of the 12 original Japanese castles, Kochi Castle, Mount Godaisan which had a planet named after it, and the Anpanman museum! Getting to Kochi Prefecture isn’t hard, it’s 90…


Iwate Prefecture

By kaylamedica, Posted on 26/02/2018

Iwate Prefecture is part of the Tohoku region of northern Japan. It’s the second least densely populated prefecture (Hokkaido is number one!) and has several unique tourism destinations, like Morioka Castle, Fujiwara no Sato theme park and movie set, and several major Buddhist temples. The prefecture has several local legends and myths, one of which…


Nagasaki Prefecture

By kaylamedica, Posted on 18/02/2018

Nagasaki Prefecture has played a pretty big role in Japan’s history. Before the Meiji Period, Japan closed itself off from the rest of the world and when it finally reopened during the Meiji Restoration, Nagasaki was one of the main ports receiving foreign goods – this piece of history has lasting effects as Nagasaki Prefecture…


Ehime Prefecture

By kaylamedica, Posted on 05/02/2018

Shikoku Island is often forgotten about as a tourist destination, but Ehime Prefecture might just make the top of your to-go list. Since before even the Heian Period (starting in the year 794), Ehime Prefecture has had a large fishing culture and was strategically important for Japan, defending against pirates and Mongolian invasions. The oldest…


Ichibandori at Neutral Bay

By kaylamedica, Posted on 29/01/2018

Ichibandori is on Neutral Bay’s main strip of restaurants, Military Road. Despite having a lot to compete with – Neutral Bay has endless choices to eat at – Ichibandori offers a standout menu. Head chef Shota serves up generous portions of izakaya style yakitori sticks, as well as fresh sashimi and a few left of…


Nagano Prefecture

By kaylamedica, Posted on 22/01/2018

One of the few landlocked areas of Japan, Nagano Prefecture is right in the middle of Honshu Island in the Chubu region. In 1998, Nagano Prefecture hosted the Winter Olympics, gaining it a spot on the international map for winter sports lovers, and with many snow capped mountain ranges to choose from, it’s great for…


Miyazaki Prefecture

By kaylamedica, Posted on 15/01/2018

In the south of Japan, Miyazaki Prefecture sits on the eastern coast of Kyushu Island. It’s a scenic region that was once the top honeymoon destination for Japanese newlyweds in the 70s, and Miyazaki Shrine is where the mysterious first emperor of Japan, Emperor Jimmu, is enshrined. There’s not a lot of tourism in Miyazaki…


Yamanashi Prefecture

By kaylamedica, Posted on 09/01/2018

Yamanashi Prefecture is located right in the middle of Japan’s main island, Honshu. It’s one of the few landlocked prefectures, shares a border with Shizuoka Prefecture and as such part of Mount Fuji is in Yamanashi Prefecture. Be prepared for a lot of jewellery and robotics when you visit – these are the two largest…


Mie Prefecture – home of the sun goddess

By kaylamedica, Posted on 02/01/2018

Mie Prefecture houses the biggest and most important god in Japanese mythology, Amaterasu the sun goddess and mother of the other gods and goddesses! You can visit the shrine (which is huge and was built in the 7th century!) dedicated to her in the city of Ise. The prefecture has five major geographical regions –…