Written by Maki Osawa

Japanese Home Cooking – Childrens Day

By Maki Osawa, Posted on 02/06/2016


On children’s day, Japanese people eat chimaki to pray for good health. Chimaki is a rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves.   This year my Children’s Day menu was: Sashimi (hirame, kampachi, maguro, which is flatfish, great amberjack, and tuna!) Marinated tomatoes with citrus Cooked beans Beef and bamboo shoots and asparagus fried in oyster sauce Tofu with […]


Japanese Home Cooking – Bamboo Shoots

By Maki Osawa, Posted on 21/05/2016

Steamed rice with bamboo shoots

May is the best time of the year for bamboo shoots. The shoots grow very quickly, so harvesting them at the right time is very important. Because of this, you can only get raw, uncooked bamboo shoots in Spring! At any other time of the year, only pre-cooked bamboo shoots are available. If you’re lucky enough […]


Dinner for my mother’s birthday

By Maki Osawa, Posted on 01/05/2016


The 26th of April was my mother’s birthday, so I decided to cook for her.   The menu was: Tazunazushi Vinegared Mekabu (seaweed) Potatoes with sesame sauce Micro-tomatoes Roast beef Pickled radish Eggplant and tuna and myouga (Japanese ginger) Sauteed carrot with egg White wine paired best with the menu, and we decided to use […]


Cherry blossom and my home cooking

By Maki Osawa, Posted on 27/04/2016

Hello Washoku Lovers! I’m so happy to join the Washoku Lovers Blog, and have an opportunity to introduce Japanese food and culture from Tokyo. First of all, I’ll tell you about the national flowers of Japan. It’s cherry blossom and chrysanthemums. April is cherry blossom viewing season. Yoshino cherry blossoms already fell in Tokyo, but we can […]