Written by Sherina

Ito En O-cha

By Sherina, Posted on 06/09/2018

Ito En is an innovative Green Tea company who were invited by the Victorian Government in 1994 to grow Japanese green tea leaves in Australia from scratch. Their #1 seller Oi Ocha is unsweetened, sweetener-free, zero calories and ready-to-consume are few of the reasons why I keep coming back for more, especially when I’m trying to […]


Otsukimi Festival

By Sherina, Posted on 04/10/2017

Today is Tsukimi (月見) or Otsukimi (お月見),  also known as Jugoya (十五夜), is a festival honoring the autumn moon dating back to the Heian era(平安時代). This cultural festival spreaded from the Chinese culture as a variant of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The celebration of the full moon typically takes place on the 15th day of the eighth […]


Kodomo no Hi – Children’s Day

By Sherina, Posted on 03/05/2017

In Japan, Children’s Day or Kodomo no Hi is a national holiday where children are respected and honoured. This day is celebrated every year on May 5th to wish the children individual strength and happiness. It was originally a day of celebration for boys, but this was changed in 1948 to celebrate the health and growth of […]


Sushi Samurai Pyrmont 10th Anniversary

By Sherina, Posted on 27/10/2016

On the 8th October 2016,  I attended Sushi Samurai’s 10th Anniversary at Pyrmont. Sushi Samurai celebrated with discounts on a few of their dishes and 2 tuna cutting shows. Knowledge, skills and technique is needed to cut up the tuna perfectly, without wasting any of the flesh and to get the correct cut. On the […]


Yasaka Ramen Neutral Bay Grand Opening This Weekend!

By Sherina, Posted on 30/06/2016

Your favourite ramen in the CBD is now opening their second store in Neutral Bay! Yasaka Ramen, known for their house made noodles and tonkotsu soup, are opening their second store this weekend (less than two years since first opening in November of 2014). Washoku Lovers helped to organise a media reception to spread the […]