Japanese Food and Drinks

Izakaya Samurai’s 4th Anniversary!

By kaylamedica, Posted on 04/10/2017

Congratulations Izakaya Samurai on your 4th anniversary! Washoku Lovers attended the celebrations over the long weekend, and we were really excited to be there on the night. If you haven’t been to Izakaya Samurai before, it’s tucked away on Military Road in Neutral Bay, but it truly is a hidden gem. Great for a family…


Chef Miura’s guide to Imperadore Fish

By yuri, Posted on 03/10/2017

Imperadore fish is called nanyo kinmedai (南洋金目鯛) in Japanese, and winter is the best season to eat it. For our Washoku Lovers Seafood Guide, I regularly visit the Sydney Fish Market to find out what’s in season. Going often means I get to meet skilled chefs there, such as Chef Miura from Rosan and a…


Takoyaki -authentic Osaka style-

By yuri, Posted on 12/09/2017

Takoyaki at Kirribilli Market

If you love Takoyaki you may know where it comes from – Osaka! I am also from Osaka, we have so much passion for Takoyaki in my home town 🙂  We eat Takoyaki as a snack or lunch for little kids, and one Takoyaki machine at each home is normal so we can enjoy Takoyaki…


Saga Prefecture – Ariaka Sea and Genkai Sea

By kaylamedica, Posted on 11/04/2017

Not far from last week’s post about Oita Prefecture is Saga Prefecture. Located on the southern most island, Kyushu, Saga has a rich history in craftsmanship and particularly in ceramics. It’s also split up into distinct East, Central, North, and West areas. You can get the Kyushu Shinkansen to Shin-Tosu Station and then travel around…