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Marrying unique sushi with white wine at Toshiya, Cremorne

Toshiya, Japanese restaurants, at Cremorne

Toshiya-san, of Toshiya Japanese restaurant, proudly says “we just released the new sushi menu”, and I can’t wait to try his new creation! I took my parents, who are visiting from Japan, to Toshiya to try the Spicy Lobster Volcano Roll and some nigiri sushi!

Spicy Lobster Volcano Roll at Toshiya, Cremorne

My mum was excited to see this plating as she is crazy about shellfish. When I take her out, I always make sure the restaurant has prawn on the menu. Lobster is the king of prawn, it’s the her most favourite food 🙂

It not only looks amazing but also tastes of and has the texture of big prawn, how good is lobster! They kept telling me that this is Australian sushi which you can’t try in Japan! White wine which is also mum’s favourite was our drink to accompany the fresh seafood 🙂

Dry Pinot Grit at Toshiya, Cremorne

We ordered Pinot Gris to match this unique sushi. This white wine went well with the spicy taste of the lobster. It tastes dry but has a rich flavour at the first ship, second sip after eating a pice of lobster becames more dry because of the spice. But the third sip washes your mouth after eating a pice of sushi with mayonnaise.

Spicy Lobster Volcano Roll at Toshiya, Cremorne

This marriage between Pinot Gris and Spicy Lobster Volcano Roll was addicting. It was sad to finish up but these nigiri sushi, mackerel, and salmon were also very good with the dry white wine.

Nigiri sushi at Toshiya, Cremorne

This dish was a hit for me. The many flavours of aburi salmon, prosciutto, dill and wasabi were perfectly balanced and had a great texture together. We were happy to finish up the bottle of Pinot Gris:)

Nigiri sushi, aburi salmon, at Toshiya, Cremorne

Toshiya is located in Cremorne. Its’ convenient to travel to from the city by bus, and the bus stop is just a minute’s walk from Toshiya. Here is Owner Toshiya-san’s interview 🙂 Please say hello to him when you visit Toshiya!



Address: 283 Military Rd, Cremorne NSW 2090

Phone:(02) 8969 6989

Opening hours:

Lunch: Friday & Saturday 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Dinner: Tuesday – Sunday 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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