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Takoyaki -authentic Osaka style-

Takoyaki at Kirribilli Market

If you love Takoyaki you may know where it comes from – Osaka! I am also from Osaka, we have so much passion for Takoyaki in my home town 🙂  We eat Takoyaki as a snack or lunch for little kids, and one Takoyaki machine at each home is normal so we can enjoy Takoyaki anytime we want. We all believe that good takoyaki should be crispy outside and glutinous inside. Many restaurants are unfortunately making Takoyaki in deep fryers because it’s efficient, easy and quicker. Is that way authentic? Nope. Takoyaki should be cooked in Takoyaki machine with fresh ingredients. It’s a totally different taste and texture. We wanted to introduce what homemade Takoyaki tastes like at Kirribilli market.


This Takoyaki machine has a fire where the heat is almost intense, even for household use, and it’s a very important point to make the crispy outside of Takoyaki balls.

Takoyaki ingredients

Takoyaki ingredients;

  • Dough is made by flour, dashi and eggs
  • Tako means octopus. We bought fresh octopus from the Sydney seafood market.
  • Tenkasu (small pieces of tempura batter that comes off when you make tempura)
  • Chopped spring onions
  • Chopped red ginger
  • Takoyaki sauce
  • Kewpie mayonnaise
  • Katsuo-bushi, bonito flakes
  • Aonori, shredded dried seaweed

Takoyaki at Kirribilli Market

Making Takoyaki is so much fun and the taste is really nice. You can try our authentic Takoyaki at Kirribilli Market on 28 October (Sat) next time. See you there:)


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