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Nobuyuki Ura

Nobuyuki Ura

Name: Nobuyuki Ura
Country: Japan
Restaurant: Sushi-e

Chef Ura is originally from Japan. He started his career in 1982 and moved to Sydney in 1989.

Washoku Lovers met him at Sushi-e, where he’s been working since 2006.

Washoku Lovers: How long have you been cooking professionally?
Chef Ura: I have been cooking since I was 18, so it’s been 32 years now!

WL: Were you a chef in Japan?
Chef Ura: Yes I was!

WL: Where did you train to cook “Washoku”?
Chef Ura: Meguro Gajyoen, in Tokyo, though my grand father was the trigger. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be a Chef…

Nobuyuki Ura

WL What would you do then?
Chef Ura: I’d be a happy surfer

WL: What do you think about cooking Washoku out of Japan?
Chef Ura: I am very proud to make Japanese food outside of Japan, as it gives me the opportunity to share Japanese food culture.

WL: Do you have a “Washoku signature dish” or a “favourite Washoku dish” you enjoy cooking?
Chef Ura: I do! Osechi, which is traditional Japanese New Years’ Food (ed: this coincides with the Gregorian Calendar) is the food that I love to cook the most. I work on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve to make Osechi for all the Japanese in Sydney who can’t go back home and made 90 Osechi boxes last year. There are 26 types of food to make wishes for the new year in the Osechi Box.

WL: What do you think about mixing Washoku with other food cultures?
Chef Ura: I think this is very good because it provides a wider variety of possibilities and outcomes that will make customers happy.

Nobuyuki Ura

WL: Is there a chef that you most admire?
Chef Ura: Kai Kojima from Biege Tokyo (Alain Ducasse)

WL: Do you have any suggestion to Washoku Lovers when they eat Washoku?
Chef Ura: KThere are no rules… though when eating Nigiri Sushi, it is best to tip the fish in the soy sauce rather than the rice because the test is much lighter and the flavour of the fish can shine through.

WL: Do you have any advice for someone wanting to become a Chef?
Chef Ura: Yes! Make sure you have a deep passion for cooking and try to eat as many styles of food as you can!

WL: Anything you’d like to share with Washoku Lovers?
Chef Ura: Yeah! Come on over!

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