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Tomoyuki Matsuya


Name: Tomoyuki Matsuya -Kuririn
Which country are you from? Hokkaido prefecture, Japan
Restaurant: HaNa Ju-Rin Japanese Restaurant


Washoku Lovers : How long have you been cooking professionally?

Chef Kuririn: Since I was 21 years old, so I have been cooking professionally 23 years.

Washoku Lovers : How long have you been living in Australia?

Chef Kuririn: I have been living in Australia since 2005, and that totals to 13 years.

Washoku Lovers : Were you a chef in Japan?

Chef Kuririn: Yes, I trained at Japan.

Washoku Lovers : Where did you train to cook “Washoku”?

Chef Kuririn: I trained at “shizuka” in Sapporo and “Edomatsu” in Hakodate.

Washoku Lovers : Were there any opportunities to start to learn “Washoku”?

Chef Kuririn: My father was sushi master so, I had opportunity to learn from him.

Washoku Lovers : What do you think about cooking Washoku” out of Japan?

Chef Kuririn: Even we cook the same dish in Japan, we cannot gather the ingredients in the same way. We have to import it and ‘try and error’ many times to find out which is the most delicious one.

Washoku Lovers : Do you have a “Washoku signature dish” or a“ favourite Washoku dish” you enjoy cooking?

Chef Kuririn: My Washoku signature dish is chirashi zushi (which is served at lunch time at HaNa Ju-Rin). Sushi rice is placed beneath the diced sashimi. I use special rice, which is made only for sushi rice, and I also use red vinegar for my sushi rice. Using red vinegar for sushi rice is very traditional and I believe I make the best sushi rice in Sydney.

Washoku Lovers : What’s your opinion on mixing Washoku with other food cultures?

Chef Kuririn: I think it is a good thing, and Washoku can evolve with the collaboration with other food culture.

Washoku Lovers : Anything funny you’d like to share?

Chef Kuririn: “When I was little, I wanted to be sushi master because of my father. However, when I was at the age when I wanted to go out with my friends to play, I had to help my father so, I didn’t want to become a sushi chef but now, what’s funny, I’m a sushi master.”

Washoku Lovers : Is there another chef that you most admire?

Chef Kuririn: My father is the chef that I most admire.

Washoku Lovers : Any advices (suggestions) to Washoku Lovers when they eat Washoku?

Chef Kuririn: Please enjoy the simpleness of washoku. Other food culture adds all sorts of things but washoku is a culture that doesn’t add things.

Washoku Lovers : Any advice you would give to someone wanting to become a chef?

Chef Kuririn: You may find some times that anything you learn at the moment doesn’t link, but once you become at a certain age, you will find that everything links and every experience counts.

Washoku Lovers : Any final thoughts you would like to share to Washoku Lovers?

Chef Kuririn: Please experience and enjoy the simpleness of washoku. Washoku is not just simple, it has the profoundness that you can recognise as you have more washoku.

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