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Japanese food
Japanese food

Located in Potts Point, Kujin is an intimate dining space with an open style kitchen and Japanese teppan hot plate on display. Watch the chefs whip up your meal in no time with skill and devotion to their tools. The seating is a mix of open plan tables which can be rearranged for groups, counter seats, and a closed off booth area. Perfect for a family dinner, a celebration, or even a first date.

With an exquisite menu of premium steaks, okonomiyaki, and more, all guests of Kujin will enjoy each and every bite of food as it burst with flavour. Wash it down with sake or a Japanese beer – pick from Sapporo, Kirin, or Asahi for a real Japanese drinking experience.

If it’s your first time at Kujin, definitely ask the friendly staff for a recommendation. You’ll be in very good hands, and if you want to try something you’ve never had before, or if you’re unsure of what something is, please do ask questions!


Kujin chef

Naoki Fukushima

Chef Naoki of Kujin has demonstrating his success as a Washoku chef.

Opening hours:Lunch: Monday - Saturday 12 pm - 14:30 pm Dinner: Monday - Saturday 18 pm - 22:45 pm
Phone:(02) 9331 6077
Washoku Lovers Members Benefit:50% 0ff for Kirin/Asashi/Sapporo beer ($8→$4) or Free green tea ice-cream