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Manpuku Chatswood

Manpuku Chatswood
Manpuku Ramen

Chatswood is the second location of Manpuku Ramen, the noodle specialists.  The space is much bigger and full of natural sunlight and nature inspired decorations like wood and rope. The menu is the same as Kingsford, with head chef Hideto Suzuki saying his favourite is Number 1. The menu also includes the famous Number 7/Long Name/Happiness Ramen which was inspired by bringing joy to customers who eat and love this Japanese soul food.

Ramen has a long history in Japan, and Manpuku specialises in the Tokyo style, focusing on light chicken broths. They do a variety of flavours, but what they all have in common is a deep flavour with many layers and a lot of time that has gone into perfecting the soup. The noodles are also specially made and matched with the soup so that every mouthful is a perfect ratio of noodle to liquid. There’s no end to the attention to detail in the store, from the weekly ikebana flower arrangement in the bathroom to the custom made bowls which have a special message for you when you finish your ramen.

The Chatswood location is licenced and sells a variety of alcohols. In line with this, there is a small menu of side dishes that are perfect for Japanese beers. You’ll find stuffed deep fried chicken wings, gyoza dumplings, and a few more dishes that will keep you and your friends around for hours.


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Opening hours:Mon-Sun: 11:30am - 9:00pm
Phone:(02) 9411 1021