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Don’t be fooled by the front room of Sushi-ya, it’s actually deceptively large with an upstairs level of private and shared dining areas. If you’re looking for somewhere for a group dinner, a birthday, or even a corporate event, Sushi-ya is great for that. The food is easily shared, and the menu is large with a mix of sashimi and hot dishes. Your food will be presented to you on elaborate Japanese ceramics and lacquer boxes depending on what you order. Of course sushi and sashimi should be your first pick, with quite a few selections and platters available. You’ll also find a mix of traditional and contemporary Japanese food, including eel, tempura, and dumplings.

Sushi-ya has been in Chatswood for long enough that it’s become a local staple and for a good reason. With friendly and attentive staff, you’ll find yourself staying for hours. This is especially so if you explore the drinks menu, why not try venturing into the sake and Japanese beers available?

Wrap it all up with typical Japanese desserts, with flavours like red bean, black sesame, and green tea heavily featured throughout.

Chef Masa

Originally from Osaka, Chef Masa enjoys cooking his home town’s specialities, but has really honed his skill is sushi and sashimi, spending a whole year dedicated to learning how to cut fish. Before being a sushi chef though, he actually worked as a baker for 13 years! This interesting range of cooking abilities means Chef Masa can cook almost anything, but we really recommend his sushi platters!

Opening hours:Mon-Sun: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm / 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Phone:Phone: (02) 9413 3300
Washoku Lovers Members Benefit:N/A