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Wok and Noodle Bar (Ramen Osan)

Black Tonkotsu ramen
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Wok and Noodle Bar is as close to a Japanese noodle bar as you can get while still being in Australia. With only a handful of seats, and built into a wall in a laneway, it’s just like being in Japan. Sister shop to Haymarket’s Ramen O-san and run by the man himself, this ramen joint was built with the intention of being typically Japanese in the setup, but leaning towards Australian tastes in the food. You can start off your meal with home made gyoza, and then get to slurping your noodles. Even though it’s a ramen shop, don’t overlook the udon – it’s hand made as well.

If the location is throwing you off, that would be because the store is being run out of a spare room at the back of Busshari. Facing the opposite direction of the main restaurant, access Wok and Noodle Bar from Llankelly Place. It’s easy to spot with bright neon lights and plenty of other restaurants around. It’s super close to King’s Cross Station, and right in the heart of Potts Point. Open for lunch and dinner, it’s a great place to stop by when you’re short on time or by yourself.

O-san recommends trying the Spicy Miso or the Gyokai Tonkotsu while some other staff recommend trying the signature Sydney Black. Whatever you pick, it’ll be delicious! Look out for strong garlic flavours, thick soups, and a softer, chewier noodle.

Wok and Noodle bar chef

Chef Osan

Owner Chef O-san has over 10 years of experience in crafting ramen, and originally comes from Kyushu. He’s been featured on various Japanese gourmet TV programs. His signature ramen is the MSG-free Pork Bone Broth Tonkotsu ramen, a specialty of Kyushu. His original ramen restaurant in Japan was awarded the coveted Top 3 Ramen noodles in Kyushu. With five successful shops across Japan (one in Kyushu, four in Tokyo) and one successful Ramen Bar in Cambodia, Chef O-san has decided to come to Sydney to open another Ramen O-san in 2015.

Opening hours:Tuesday – Sunday: 12:00 pm -8:00 pm 
Phone:(02) 9357 2925
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