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We are partnered with a wide range of restaurants, from IZAKAYA style to fast food,
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Japanese chefs are often referred to as food artists. Their passion towards Washoku,and their attention to detail are absolutely superb!
See what inspires them in these interviews.

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Learn about Washoku by joining our cooking show where fantastic chefs share their knowlege! Check back often for new events and information,
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Manpuku Ramen Street Fighter Ramen Special

By kaylamedica

Manpuku Ramen is well known for having amazingly rich and deep flavour in their chicken ramen, which they specialise in. Combined with making their noodles in house, they’ve developed a reputation for having a high level of sophistication in their bowls. They also regularly release special ramens available only for a limited time, and as…



Get to know Uncle Tetsu – behind the scenes of Uncle Tetsu’s!

By kaylamedica

The famous Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecakes opened in Regent Place this Winter to massive hype – and the queues that go hand in hand with hype. There’s currently only 2 items available, the signature Japanese Cheesecake, and madeleines! There’s a strict 1 cheesecake per customer rule at the moment, which helps move the line faster.…



Our first Ramen class!

By yuri

This weekend, Washoku Lovers debuted our most popular class, ramen! The demand was so far above our expectations that we extended the class twice! There are still two classes left to go, and three seats available. If you’re interested in attending either of the upcoming classes, click here. Our classes have grown so much in…