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sake event

A Sake matched Lunch event

By ayano

Apart from Japanese food, do you know what other foods match sake? On the 24th of October, an inspirational sake matching lunch was held at Bar H, attended by various local bars and restaurants and supported by Zenbeiyu. The purpose of this event was to suggest how to match sake with local foods for local…



Sushi Samurai Pyrmont 10th Anniversary

By Sherina

On the 8th October 2016,  I attended Sushi Samurai’s 10th Anniversary at Pyrmont. Sushi Samurai celebrated with discounts on a few of their dishes and 2 tuna cutting shows. Knowledge, skills and technique is needed to cut up the tuna perfectly, without wasting any of the flesh and to get the correct cut. On the…



Busshari’s New Summer Look

By kaylamedica

Busshari have made a few subtle changes in recent weeks. They’ve added a grill section to their counter, where you can watch the chefs make yakitori, they’ve also changed the styling of their Chef’s  Selection Sashimi (full size $38, or half size $19), and finally the Washoku Lovers Member Benefit has been updated too! Not a…



Ramen O-san Foodie Meetup

By kaylamedica

Food blogging is a phenomena that not even us here at Washoku Lovers can explain. How did taking photos of food become so widespread and popular? Photography has long been considered an art form, but food photography was at first shunned. Now, there are photographers who specialise in food and then further specialise in solid…



Sushi Tengoku, Sushi Heaven!

By kaylamedica

If newly opened Sushi Tengoku is ringing a bell, it’s because they’re not actually new. This Kensington favourite was previously a few hundred meters down and on the opposite side of the road, but they’ve found a new (and bigger) home at B/262 Anzac Parade. Tengoku (天国) which means ‘heaven’, is exactly what you’ll walk…



Kujin Half Price Beers

By kaylamedica

Just a 7 minute walk from Kings Cross Station, Kujin is on the more accessible side of Elizabeth Bay. It can definitely be classified as a hidden neighbourhood gem, hidden in plain sight. Their specialty is the teppan, a large hot plate where the chefs don’t just cook, they perform. You might be familiar with teppanyaki restaurants,…



Halloween Special Jack-O-Ramen

By kaylamedica

Yasaka Ramen, both the city store and the Neutral Bay location, are adding a one month only menu item just in time for Halloween. The Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin ramen is one of the most creative and visually stunning ideas to come from Chef Takeshi Sekigawa, and it’s full of flavour. The Yasaka tori paitan base stock…



Suminoya Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant

By Andrew

Suminoya is a Japanese yakiniku restaurant that is located at Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD. This restaurant is well known for being a true authentic Japanese style BBQ, and has been around since the year 2000. If you like cooking your own food on a BBQ grill, this is somewhere you should definitely eat! If you…



Sydney Fish Market – Narito Ishii

By kaylamedica

Sydney Fish Market is the third largest fish market in the world, dwarfed only by Mexico City’s La Nueva Viga Market (second largest) and Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Markets (number one!). We spoke to Narito Ishii from Pyrmont Seafood to find out some of the secret tips that only the best fishmongers know! The auction room…


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Ki-Yan’s Kyoto Part 4 – Adachi

By Marta Wawrzyniak-Ijichi

Photo by K.Uchida Today’s post is part number 4 of the series Ki-Yan’s Kyoto – Washoku restaurants, café & shops this time introducing Adachi – a cozy family-run Kyoto obanzai restaurant. Read part one, part two, and part three if you missed them! Just as a reminder (and information for new readers as well) –…