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Ramen in Japan!

By kaylamedica

In addition to our okonomiyaki post, we’re also going to be featuring a couple of ramen joints! We visited 4 places on our recent trip to Japan, all of which were generally considered to be some of the better ramen places to go to. They weren’t just no-name places in alleyways, they were all places…


hot pot

Japanese Hot Pots

By ayano

Photo credit.  Speaking of winter in Japan, one thing to do is enjoy Japanese hot pots, ‘Nabe’ (鍋)! It is absolutely necessary for the Japanese to have hot pots to survive the cold winter. We normally put a pot over a portable burner on the table and boil seafood, vegetables, meat and other ingredients depending…


Ki-Yan’s Kyoto Part 3 – Gontaro

By Marta Wawrzyniak-Ijichi

Photo by K.Uchida Today’s post is the third part of the series Ki-Yan’s Kyoto – Washoku restaurants, café & shops, and this time I am happy to introduce one of the best places in Kyoto to try homemade soba buckwheat noodles Gontaro – its main branch is located in Shinkyogoku shopping district in Kyoto’s downtown.…