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We are partnered with a wide range of restaurants, from IZAKAYA style to fast food,
why don’t you try everything :)

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Japanese chefs are often referred to as food artists. Their passion towards Washoku,and their attention to detail are absolutely superb!
See what inspires them in these interviews.

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Learn about Washoku by joining our cooking show where fantastic chefs share their knowlege! Check back often for new events and information,
there’s always something on!

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Yasaka Ramen Neutral Bay Grand Opening This Weekend!

By Sherina

Your favourite ramen in the CBD is now opening their second store in Neutral Bay! Yasaka Ramen, known for their house made noodles and tonkotsu soup, are opening their second store this weekend (less than two years since first opening in November of 2014). Washoku Lovers helped to organise a media reception to spread the…


AM class 1

Washoku Lovers Kitchen Diary: Obento

By kaylamedica

Washoku Lovers Kitchen has been so successful with sell out classes that this time we decided to double it. Yep, for the first time, we held two cooking classes on one day! I can tell you from a staff perspective, it was quite a whirlwind, but seeing twice as many happy faces and hearing everyone…



Kirin Sakaba Pop Up at The Oaks Hotel

By kaylamedica

Kirin Australia has just opened up shop in the form of a pop up at The Oaks Hotel! The 1936 bar space has been decorated and renewed, with red and white lanterns, bamboo, and paper wall partians for the pop up, which runs until August. Washoku Lovers was invited along to the opening night for a…