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Gyoza Party with Maruko Gyoza

By kaylamedica

This month, Washoku Lovers is introducing featured products! Each month we’ll be highlighting different Japanese food products that you can get in Australia which will help you whip up a Japanese feast at home. Our inaugural product is Maruko Gyoza – Japanese pork dumplings made in Sydney with 98% Australian ingredients. It’s quite impressive that…


Steamed rice with bamboo shoots

Japanese Home Cooking – Bamboo Shoots

By Maki Osawa

May is the best time of the year for bamboo shoots. The shoots grow very quickly, so harvesting them at the right time is very important. Because of this, you can only get raw, uncooked bamboo shoots in Spring! At any other time of the year, only pre-cooked bamboo shoots are available. If you’re lucky enough…



Maruko Gyoza Factory Visit

By kaylamedica

Recently, Washoku Lovers was invited to visit the factory where Maruko Gyoza and also ramen noodles are made! Watching the foods be produced was extremely interesting, so let me break it down for you:   Gyoza The dumpling wrappers are a simple flour-water mixture (but the flour itself is a secret!) that’s churned in a…