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Washoku Lovers is for people who love Japanese cuisine, for those seeking out a variety of great Japanese food options in Australia. As purveyors of Washoku, we pride ourselves on recommending restaurants that are truly authentic.

Washoku Chefs

The Washoku Chefs featured on our site have at least 2 years’ experience specializing in Japanese cuisine — either trained in Japan or under the tutelage of a Japanese Chef.
To better understand the food you’ll be enjoying, we showcase their philosophies and their journeys as Washoku Chefs in Australia.

Atsushi Saito
Raita Noda
Toshiya Japanese restaurant
Toshiya Kai
Toru Nakajima
Kazu Nakatani
Hideo dekura
Hideo Dekura
Takumi Kawano
Chef Oe -Masuya
Toshihiko Oe
Chase Kojima
Chase Kojima
Hiroshi Miura
Azuma chef
Kimitaka Azuma
Takeshi Sekigawa
Takeshi Sekigawa
Yusuke Morita

Washoku Restaurants

Find the Japanese Restaurant that best suits your tastes.
Browse through our wonderfully curated selection of restaurants and view the menu to find the perfect fit for your next meal.

EIJU – Fusion Japanese Dining –
Bar & Grill Yebisu
KINTARO -Japanese Country Style-
Japanese BBQ
Kagura -Whisky Bar-
Gaku Robata Grill
Izakaya Yebisu
Japanese restaurant
Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant Nikaido
Umi Sushi Haymarket
Shiki Japanese Restaurant
Osaka Bar
Raita Noda
Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen
Tokyo Laundry
Robata Ichibandori
Ainoya Japanese Restaurant
Yakitori Jin
Gold Class Daruma
Gogyo Surry Hills
Izakaya Hachibeh

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Shiki Japanese Restaurant

Booking benefit

Stork Natural Rice
Kamameshi -a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot called a kama-

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