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How to make Sencha (serves 2)


Using Sencha Tea Bags


Advanced Sencha is rich in Umami (Amino acid) so it is brewed with lower temperature water in order to suppress the bitterness and highlight the Umami flavour. By contrast, regular Sencha has relatively less Umami (Amino acids) and more bitterness (Catechin) and we need to bring out the aroma and just the right level of bitterness.


  1. Quantity of tea leaves
    One tea bag per cup
  2. Water temperature
    Hot water from an electric pot or kettle
  3. Sufficiently steam
    After some time, remove the saucer and use the tea bag tag to circulate the bag through the water 3-4 times.
  4. Gently lift
    Finally use a spoon or similar to gentle remove the tea bag without spilling



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