Sydney Fish Market behind the scenes


Sydney Fish Market is very different to Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo even though it’s the largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere, and the second largest fish market in the world when it comes to diversity of produce available. Every day, 55,000kg of seafood is traded with over 100 different species available to buy. I saw on the news the other day that Sydney Fish Market will be significantly updated in a couple of years. Why don’t we have a look at the current market right now!

Sydney Fish Market has local Australian fish for sale to industry buyers and regular consumers. When we go to the Sydney Fish Market to buy fresh seafood, we usually buy from the shops either outside or at the entrance to the main market. Have you ever wondering what’s on the inside of the market where you normally can’t go without pass?

There is a tour you can attend which shows the inside of the market. Alex, who is the best tour guide with heaps of knowledge of Australian produce, was my guide. Here’s what the tour looked like:


Meet up at the cafe in front of the entrance to the inside of the market. The tour has up to 10 available spots, and when we met up in the morning this was our chance to chat. The tour┬áruns every week day, and I got to meet chefs and people who work in the hospitality industry. Let’s begin!

Alex has so much knowledge of local seafood including crabs, prawns, and all other fish. He taught us what’s in season now.

There were huge tuna lines which get sold everyday. Yellow fin tuna, one of my favourite fish, is very fresh and in season now.

Alex showed us unique seafood which I’ve never seen. It’s also interesting to discover what seafood Australian has as local produce.

He also taught us how we can find the freshest seafood in the market. These were very valuable tips! There are several ways to find out if a particular seafood is fresh, and they all have different methods.

It takes more than an hour and don’t forget to take a jacket even in summer, it’s cool inside of the market as it’s necessary to keep seafood fresh.

At the end of tour, Alex took us to the shops outside of the market, which are the equivalent of Jyogai ichiba in Tsukiji.

He showed us the biggest crab I’ve ever seen!

He introduced us to the master of oysters who can peel oysters in the quickest way! Amazing work!

It’s not an entertainment destination, but I think it was fun to join this tour of discovering Australian local produce. You can also enjoy delicious coffee at the cafe and even find a bottle of wine or sake in a liqueur shop in Sydney Fish Market. Of course, there are so many fresh seafoods such as oysters and sashimi, even traditional fish and chips to eat there after the tour or take them home!

Sydney Fish Market

Bank St & Pyrmont Bridge Road, Sydney NSW 2009

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