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Tofu types, what are the differences?

By yuri, Posted on 29/06/2017


Tofu is a rapidly growing product these days as a plant based protein.  Tofu has mainly 2 types, silken and firm, that you can find in the supermarket. What is the difference? Production Silken Tofu – Made slowly by pouring soy milk into a mould and compacting it. Because it becomes hardened over time, the…


Lotus Root Health Benefits & Recipe

By yuri, Posted on 29/05/2017

Lotus root

I was excited to find lotus root in Australia, which is one of my favourite vegetables! I would like to share with you all about the lotus root, its many health benefits, and how to cook it at home. Have you seen lotus root before? Lotus root, as the name suggests, is the root of lotus…


Kodomo no Hi – Children’s Day

By Sherina, Posted on 03/05/2017

In Japan, Children’s Day or Kodomo no Hi is a national holiday where children are respected and honoured. This day is celebrated every year on May 5th to wish the children individual strength and happiness. It was originally a day of celebration for boys, but this was changed in 1948 to celebrate the health and growth of…


Chiba Prefecture – Fly in for the eel

By kaylamedica, Posted on 02/05/2017

Chiba Prefecture is right next door to Tokyo, literally. If you have flown in to Narita airport or gone to Disney Land, then you’ve technically visited Chiba! Despite being one of the biggest gateways to Japan for foreigners, most people don’t stay here when they arrive. Narita City in particular has a lot of things…


5 reasons why Japanese Food, washoku, is very healthy

By yuri, Posted on 18/04/2017

Japanese food, well balanced meal

You must know Japanese food is healthy, right? But, did you know there are 5 reasons why Japanese food is good for your health? Some people don’t care abut what they are eating, but I believe that people are coming to Washoku Lovers (thank you for visiting!) because you care about the food you eat, and…


5 types of Wagashi you must try

By ayano, Posted on 02/03/2017

Photo Credit. Wagashi, traditional Japanese confections, is an essential in the food culture of Japan and it has a long history. There are many different types of wagashi suitable for different seasons and occasions. I personally recommend these 5 kinds of wagashi you should try! 1. Nerikiri (sweet white bean paste) This is my favorite! Nerikiri always…


Let’s make Origami for the Hinamatsuri, girls festival!

By yuri, Posted on 28/02/2017

This is the easiest way to make Origami for the Girl’s Festival which is one of Japan’s annual festivals on the 3rd of March! It’s a day dedicated to celebrating girls and women, and has a lot of traditional elements to it. Of course there are specific food eaten on the day, but before eating…


Takoyaki – Learn more about the Osaka snack

By ayano, Posted on 24/01/2017

Takoyaki is the first thing on my wish lists during a holiday in Japan. Takoyaki is a popular Japanese snack, little round dough balls containing pieces of octopus. The word tako means octopus and yaki means grilled.  It is topped with takoyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise, but I like to use okonomi sauce in place of takoyaki sauce. It’s often topped with seaweed…


What is Sake?

By ayano, Posted on 29/08/2016


Photo Credit. Sake, traditional Japanese alcohol, is getting popular in Australia and you can see various brands of sake in Japanese restaurants. You might already have experienced drinking sake, but do you know what sake is? Even if you have no idea about sake, don’t worry. This blog will help you understand the basics of…


Sushi secrets you must know to enjoy sushi in the best season!

By yuri, Posted on 01/08/2016

#signiture #sushi #salmon

Are you a sushi lover? I know you love sushi, right? My question for sushi lovers is do you think the quality of sushi stays the same throughout the four seasons? Sushi contains fresh seafood such as tuna, kingfish and sea urchin. However, tuna has an optimum season, just like kingfish and sea urchin also…