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Tokushima Prefecture – whirlpools, ramen, and puppets

By kaylamedica, Posted on 17/07/2017

The first feature from Shikoku is Tokushima Prefecture! Shikoku is the smallest of the four main islands of Japan, and Tokushima Prefecture is known for a number of things. Agriculture is their largest industry, and they are the largest produces of lotus and cauliflower in all of Japan but they also produce rice, carrots, and…


Hyogo Prefecture – More than just Kobe beef!

By kaylamedica, Posted on 03/07/2017

Hyogo Prefecture borders Kyoto and Osaka, two of the most well known and distinct prefectures, yet still manages to be a well loved tourist destination. Hyogo’s two biggest attractions are without doubt Kobe beef and Himeji Castle, but there’s quite a lot of other stuff too! Hyogo Prefecture has a number of notable onsets and…


Okinawa Prefecture – Japan’s tropical heaven

By kaylamedica, Posted on 19/06/2017

Spread over 1,000km and over 100 island, Okinawa Prefecture is known as one of Japan’s best holiday destinations thanks to it’s tropical climate and southern location. Considering Japan’s status as an ancient culture, Okinawa’s place in Japan’s history is relatively recent, becoming fully incorporated into Japan as a country in 1879. Previous to that, Okinawa…


Aichi Prefecture – Nagoya Meshi

By kaylamedica, Posted on 14/06/2017

Aichi Prefecture is a large hub between the Chubu and Tokai regions, with Nagoya as the capital city. You might know Nagoya as one of the main shinkansen stations to change at, but it also has a rich history and one of the most distinct regional cuisines in all of Japan. There’s a number of…


Kanagawa Prefecture – Shonan beaches and Chinatown

By kaylamedica, Posted on 05/06/2017

Located just south of Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture is a popular day trip destination and it’s only one hour from Shinjuku station! It’s home to the Shonan Fujisawa region which is popular for surfing, and a major attraction is Enoshima Island. Yokohama is the capital city, other popular locations are Hakone and Kamakura. Each city has…


Kyoto Prefecture – Geisha, Temples, and Soba

By kaylamedica, Posted on 16/05/2017

Kyoto Prefecture is super famous. There’s no dispute there. Found in the middle of Honshu Island and with its own distinct dialect and Kansai flair, it’s a huge tourist destination. It was previously the capital of Japan, and unlike most other prefectures, it has the suffix –fu instead of –ken (most prefectures are called name-ken to…


Hokkaido – Good for all 4 seasons

By kaylamedica, Posted on 08/05/2017

Hokkaido is actually technically not a “prefecture”. Prefecture names always end in -ken (県) but Hokkaido ends in -do (道) which means “circuit”. Hokkaido is the northern most island of Japan, and the capital city is Sapporo. I was lucky enough to have a week to spend in Sapporo quite recently and I went looking…


Chiba Prefecture – Fly in for the eel

By kaylamedica, Posted on 02/05/2017

Chiba Prefecture is right next door to Tokyo, literally. If you have flown in to Narita airport or gone to Disney Land, then you’ve technically visited Chiba! Despite being one of the biggest gateways to Japan for foreigners, most people don’t stay here when they arrive. Narita City in particular has a lot of things…


Aomori Prefecture

By kaylamedica, Posted on 26/04/2017

Part of the northern Tohoku region of Japan, Aomori Prefecture is at the very tip of Honshu, the main island of Japan. Named after green forests, Aomori has beautiful scenery with vast national parks, temples, onsen, and produces Aomori apples – they’re actually the largest producers of apples in all of Japan. 3 hours from Tokyo…


Saga Prefecture – Ariaka Sea and Genkai Sea

By kaylamedica, Posted on 11/04/2017

Not far from last week’s post about Oita Prefecture is Saga Prefecture. Located on the southern most island, Kyushu, Saga has a rich history in craftsmanship and particularly in ceramics. It’s also split up into distinct East, Central, North, and West areas. You can get the Kyushu Shinkansen to Shin-Tosu Station and then travel around…